Active-Wear Trumps All Trends This Spring – Summer. Here’s How To Sport The Look.


From choosing tracksuits over bodycon dresses and low-waist jeans, and sneakers over high heels, we have certainly come a long way. Today’s fast-moving generation believes in creating its own distinctive style and rightly so! From ditching being ‘dressy’ to choosing comfort over class, the latest trend of activewear is clearly here to stay!



What is Activewear anyway?

Simply put, activewear is clothing for sports that you can sport almost everywhere else! It fills the gap where functional clothing wasn’t very stylish, bringing to the table a range of leggings, tops, shirts, pants and shoes, ideal for every casual outing, be it your workplace, school or a social gathering.



What millennials really want

Believe it or not, over the last three years more than 28% of millennials have opted for snug activewear over formal clothing, hiking up its sale by over 33%! This has made the athleisure trend markedly popular, with activewear carving a niche for itself in the fashion industry and no longer considered restricted to ‘gym wear’.



Why is it such a rage among the youth?

Apart from the comfort factor it offers, youngsters love that athleisure is all-day wear, that requires no change, no matter where you’re headed. It’s chic, trendy and can simply be teamed up with a jacket or minimal accessories for when you need to amp up your fashion game with a refined look. Moreover, today’s pragmatic millennials choose an experience over simply buying stuff. Which is exactly what activewear satisfies, offering a complete outdoor experience and making it an asought-after wardrobe staple.



There’s everything for everyone!

Ensuring that nobody misses out on perennial comfort, activewear has something out there for everyone. Shorts and tank tops in soft fabrics for the sweltering heat, leggings, and tees for the breezy spring, jackets for cold winter days – you name it and it’s already a part of the clothing range. What we love about it though is how well it fits everyone, irrespective of shape and size, petite or plump, tall or thin. It’s clothing that’ll let you be comfortable in your own skin, all day, every day!



How to sport the look

It doesn’t end here. Activewear comes in numerous colors, prints, and patterns so that you can boldly wear your personality on your sleeve (quite literally). Feeling the Monday blues? Make it known with shades of blue. Want to paint the town red? Go for the bright neon palette. Can’t make up your mind? Sport a snug hoodie with shorts! Because that’s what activewear is all about. It’s comfort clothing that leads to an active mind which says, ‘You’ve got this!’ It’s about moving away from fleeting trends and embracing something that defines you and your sense of style. It’s about consciously adopting a lifestyle that this very versatile piece of clothing has created. And as long as you keep it modish and unique, as long as it puts a smile on your face and makes you want to get out there and conquer your day, you’re good to go!